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How to Connect

Users must be authenticated to get access to Lingnan wireless network (except Wi-Fi.HK service, please read details below).


WiFi Supported Operating Systems and Devices

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 and 10, Android, Apple MacOS and iOS

Devices: WiFi-enabled laptops, tablets and handheld devices (i.e. iPhone, Android and Windows phones)


Who are eligible to use

Please read the table below about eligible users :


Eligible Users



Lingnan staff and students

Lingnan username and password


Lingnan Alumni

Lingnan username and password


Staff and students of eduroam member institutions

Full email address and password

Universities WiFi

Staff and students of the UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong

Full email address and password

Wi-Fi.HK via Lingnan University

Visitors to Lingnan and the public

Not required;
free to use for 2 hours per calendar day


Setup Guides

LUWLAN1X and  ALUMNI : Win10 PDF, Mac PDF, iOS PDF, Android PDF

Eduroam and Universities WiFi : Mac PDF, iOS PDF, Android PDF