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How to Connect

Users must be authenticated to get access to Lingnan wireless network (except Wi-Fi.HK service, please read details below).

WiFi Supported Operating Systems and Devices

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 and 10, Android, Apple macOS and iOS

Devices: WiFi-enabled laptops, tablets and handheld devices (i.e. iPhone or Android)

Who are eligible to use

Please read the table below about eligible users :


Eligible Users


LU / LU-Advanced *

Lingnan staff and students

Lingnan username and password


Lingnan alumni and
long-serving retired staff

Lingnan username and password


Staff and students of eduroam member institutions

Full email address and password

Wi-Fi.HK via Lingnan University

Visitors to Lingnan and the public

Not required;
free to use for 2 hours per calendar day

* Note: LU is applicable to all kind of WiFi devices. For device supports 5GHz WiFi channel, connect to LU-Advanced to achieve better network connectivity and performance.

Setup Guides

LU, LU-Advanced and  ALUMNI : iOS PDF, Android PDF

Eduroam : Mac PDF, iOS PDF, Android PDF