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Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI)

I&E in Liberal Arts Education

Entrepreneurship in Liberal Arts Education

Liberal arts education naturally creates great entrepreneurs because it exposes students to broad knowledge of the wider world and empowers them to deal with complexity, diversity, ambiguity and uncertainty.

Liberal arts students are therefore educated to be innovative, communicative, scientific, and compassionate. The entrepreneurial mindset includes all of these traits, but in the context of creating a compelling value proposition, and with an emphasis on taking action.

In fact, entrepreneurship is a practical manifestation of liberal arts, it has economic ramifications that extend the ability of the entrepreneur to engage with social development.

Innovation in Liberal Arts Education

LEI conducts knowledge transfer activities, provides funding and competition, and offers consultation and internships to drive innovation among our students and teachers. So they can translate their ideas and passions into actions for creating positive and impactful changes to society.


Knowledge transfer activities include:

  • Forums;
  • Workshops;
  • Events;
  • Portals


Funds and competitions include:

  • Innovation and Impact Fund (IIF) - Entrepreneurship Programme
  • Student Entrepreneurial Exploration Development (SEED) Fund
  • Start-up Trial Fund
  • Startup Weekend Hong Kong @ Lingnan University
  • Hult Prize
  • Enactus


Consultation and Internships include:

  • Startup Internship Program 


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