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Entrepreneurs from Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts

LEI extends support to our young graduates for starting and/or continuously developing their business. Ample exhibition, networking, training and visit tour opportunities are provided to alumni for promoting their business and enhance their competitive skills in the entrepreneurial field.

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Minor in Social Innovation and Social Studies

The aim of the Minor in Social Innovation and Social Studies is to equip students with the knowledge, perspective and sensitivity for an adequate understanding and innovative solution of social problems in Hong Kong, China and the world. Drawing upon the systematic studies of social issues in Sociology and Social Policy, the Minor purports to provide students with a broad conceptual and practical tool kit to access further studies and the entry level positions in a diverse array of careers and occupations (e.g. Social Enterprise, Commerce and Industry, Social Service, Civil Service, Healthcare, and Environmental Protection).

The Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences coordinates the offering of the Minor in Social Innovation and Social Studies.

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Minor in Social Innovation and Social Studies

Lingnanian Alumni Entrepreneurs from the Faculty of Social Sciences


REHome (Co-Founder Ms. Jackie NG & Ms. Toby To)

REhome is committed to helping low-income families improve their living environment by offering affordable home repair services. In addition, REhome also provides job opportunities for contractors who are "retired, unemployed, low-educated and hope to start with a clean slate“.

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(Graduates from the Department of Political Sciences and China and Asian Pacific Studies, 2020)
*Recipients of Graduate Support Fund


AOMORIHEYA (Founder Ms. Lilian CHAN)

Aomori Heya has been designed via an E-commerce platform to share their passions in lifestyle products with forest-related design from Japan supply market.

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(Graduates from the Department of Political Sciences, 2020)
*Recipient of Graduate Support Fund


Moona (Founder Ms. Wendi Choi)

MOONA is a shop that tried to capture customers with preferences of organic beauty and environmental-friendly by providing natural skincare products.

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(Graduates from the Department of Political Sciences, 2020)
*Recipient of Graduate Support Fund


Tiny Financial (Co-Founders Mr. Galvin GOH & Mr. Bin TANG )

Tiny Financial is a startup project that has the goal of providing access to Quality Personal Finance to the masses at an affordable price. They are designing simple to use, user-friendly and effective financial mobile application solution to help users to obtain financial information for better management of their personal finances.

(Graduate from the Department of Economics, 2018) 


SENMILY (Co-Founder Ms. Gwyneth HO)

SENMILY is an organization formed mainly by university students who are deeply concerned about the issues of students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Hong Kong. We aim to provide supports to the parents whose SEN children have limited resources while waiting for the assessment and diagnosis result, and usually under an excessive amount of pressure. Therefore, their aim is to build up a community amongst the family by organizing various activities for both parents and children.

(Graduate from the Department of Sociology and Social Policy) 


Other Co-Founders: 
CHAN Sho (Major in Psychology, Year 4)
CHENG Shen (Major in China and Asia Pacific Studies, Year 4)
LUI So Ying (Graduate from Contemporary English Studies, 2019)
WONG Hau Fung (Graduate from Department of Translation, 2018)


 Related Projects


KT Lai Chi Wo


STEAM Education and Research Centre (NAB410 & NAB407)

To promote the development of innovative and interdisciplinary talents to support STEAM education, Lingnan University founded the STEAM Education and Research Centre. The centre aims at improving teaching materials, academic and educational policy research, teacher training, competition activity, supporting primary and secondary education, holding academic forums and related affairs of STEAM. The centre differentiates from other institutions as it addresses the significant function of knowledge transfer from university to other sectors by focusing more on related subjects of STEAM.


The National Institute of Education Sciences, Lingnan University Mainland-Hong Kong STEM Education Research Centre undertook by STEAM Education and Research Centre is not only an open platform for local but also mainland and international scholars, professionals, businesses, education bureaus and organizations with the goal of enhancing deeper communication and cooperation between various sectors, which further promote the development and progress of society.