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Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI)

Enactus @ Lingnan University


Who we are?

Enactus is a global community of student, academic, and business leaders committed to using the ideas of innovation and entrepreneurial action to create a better, more sustainable world.

Entrepreneurial-igniting business innovation with integrity and passion
Action-the experience of social impact that sparks social enterprise
Us-student, academic and business leaders collaborating to create a better world

As in business, we believe that competition fosters innovation. For Enactus, this means more lives impacted every day. An annual series of regional and national competitions showcase Enactus teams’ impact, evaluated by global business leaders. National champion teams advance to the prestigious Enactus World Cup for competition, collaboration, and celebration.


Hong Kong Regional Competition

The Hong Kong Regional Competition is typically held in March or April each year. It convenes student, academic, and industry leaders to celebrate the achievements of future leaders and entrepreneurship of Hong Kong.
During the event, students showcase how their community outreach projects and business ventures are making a real impact in Hong Kong and beyond. Through rounds of live, presentation-based competitions, business leaders serving as judges determine which Enactus teams will be named Regional Champions and move on to the National Competition of China.


China National Competition

Also known as “Go for the Future Expo”, the competition features about 70 teams selected from close to 300 universities from all over China, including Hong Kong. Apart from the social innovation competition, the 2-day event also includes a Corporate Innovation Exhibition, a separate InnoTech National Competition, and a forum that brings together CEOs and student leaders. It is held in late May in either Beijing or Shanghai. The team named National Champion will represent China at the Enactus World Cup.


Enactus World Cup

Every year a select group of 3,000 student, business, and academic leaders from around the globe meet at Enactus World Cup to showcase the entrepreneurial action and shared innovation that transforms lives and creates a better future. The spectacle takes place in a different country each year in September over three days of competition, collaboration, and celebration. National Champion teams from more than 30 countries present their social innovation projects and compete for the title of Enactus World Champion. It is also a forum in which world business leaders, influencers, and student innovators with a diversity of cultures get together to recognize, encourage and celebrate one another and the infinite possibilities for people, planet, and prosperity.


We are now recruiting project teams to represent Lingnan University to participate in the Hong Kong Regional Competition.

How to participate:

  • Form a team of current students from Lingnan University, up to a maximum of five, and register HERE by November 6, 11:59 pm.
  • Each team is required to submit a PPT (in PDF) illustrating project ideas to by November 12, 11:59 pm. 
  • Alumni and faculty are ineligible to be official team members, but they are allowed to consult and assist the teams.
  • Project Visions: We promote social innovation to students by supporting them to create their social innovation projects that match the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).




Due November 6, 11:59 pm

Submission of PPT slides

Due November 12, 11:59 pm
(Please send to

Business Advisory Program & Workshops

December 2020 until February 2021

Regional Competition

March (Details will be announced later)


Should you have any inquiries, please contact:

Bliss | WhatsApp: +852 5266 8373 | Email:
Eddie | WhatsApp: +852 6226 8126 | Email:
Find out more at