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Hult Prize@Lingnan University

The Lingnan Hult Prize Committee has collaborated with the Office of Service-Learning (OSL) and Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) to organize the first Hult Prize Competition at Lingnan University on 17th November 2018. The aim of this competition is to develop sustainable business solutions to help mitigate and solve youth unemployment problem, and to leverage on the knowledge of participants to address pressing global challenges.

After an initial round of review and selection, a total of 3 teams were promoted to the finalist competition. The 3 teams were composed of local and international students who were eager to establish their very own social enterprises with the common objective of hiring 10,000 youths in 10 years’ time.

All winning teams are enthusiastic to progress to the Hult Prize regionals. The regional competitions will be taking place around the globe in 2019, in which the contestants will compete for the place to enter the Global Final and the ultimate winner will be awarded with a seed capital of USD $1 million to set up their social enterprise.


List of winning teams:

Champion: Mepro

1st runner-up: Virtual Learning LTD

2nd runner-up: Artiben


hultprize_01  hultprize_02

hultprize_03  hultprize_04  

hultprize_05  hultprize_06