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Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI)

Low-Carbon Recipe Contest


Low carbon recipe contest


The Low-Carbon Recipe Contest is a recipe competition funded by the Sustainable Development Fund and coordinated by the Office of Service Learning at Lingnan University. The contest aims to inspire citizens to cook meals and consume foods with a lower carbon footprint. In this contest, citizens can practice conscious cooking by making smarter, greener and healthier choices regarding food consumption. Accordingly, the contest activities contribute to increasing awareness about the carbon footprints of the products that citizens consume on daily basis.

What is a low-carbon meal? 

For a meal to have a low-carbon footprint, it should not contain products that have caused large amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere during any phases of its production process (i.e. growing, packaging, transporting). 

Here is some general advice on how to create low-carbon dishes:

  • Include less meat and dairy
  • Avoid air-transported goods
  • Use local ingredients as much as possible
  • Include seasonal veggies
  • Use less-processed products
  • Avoid heavily packaged products
  • Reduce food waste during cooking
  • Consume reasonable energy during cooking

Who can apply?

The contest is open for all ages and groups.

How to apply?

Application period: 15 April - 30 June, 2023

Application link: Low-Carbon Recipe Contest Application

Each application is for ONE recipe only. The application form contains two parts:

  1. Details about the dish (i.e. recipe’s ingredients, origin of the products used, cooking instructions)

Please list the ingredients, their amounts and their origin [Examples: 1 Onion (Origin: China), 100 gm cheese (manufactured in France)]

  1. Visual explanation for the cooking instructions (Here is a Sample Video

Please upload a video or a series of pictures to any sharing platform (YouTube, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.) and put the link in the application form.

Judging Criteria



Score (out of 100 points) 

Carbon footprint 

The lower the carbon footprint of the ingredients, the higher score the recipe will get. 



The more innovative the recipe is, the higher score the recipe will get. 



The more practical and convenient to cook the recipe, the higher score the recipe will get. 



The better the final dish is presented on a plate, the higher score the recipe will get. 



Recipes will receive scores from the organisers, and awards will be given to the TOP 20 Recipes.



Most Healthy (1 quota) 

$500 cash voucher 

Most Creative (1 quota) 

$500 cash voucher 

Least CO2 Footprint (1 quota) 

$500 cash voucher 

Merit Awards (17 quota) 

$200 cash voucher 



Phone: 2616-8071 (Miss Kati Ng)