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Signature Programmes

University Innovation Fellows (UIF)

The University Innovation Fellows (UIF) program is organized by Stanford It empowers students around the world to become agents of change in higher education. Fellows create opportunities that help their peers unlock their creative potential and develop the design-centered mindset required to take on complex challenges in today’s world. Students of all majors who want to shape the future of education are encouraged to apply.

Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) will sponsor students to attend 3-day UIF gathering at Stanford University upon successful completion of the online training and project implementation.


Application for UIF 2022-2023 is Now Open

To know more

Requirements :  
1.        Year 2 or Year 3 Lingnan full-time undergraduate students in Academic Year 2022-2023 (4 quotas).  
2.        Will not involve in any exchange programme from Sep 2022 - Dec 2022.  
3.        Must attend all online training by Stanford University (Late August – Late October 2021)  
4.        With the innovative and creative mindset to create solutions to change the world. 


What will UIFs do?

  1. Receive Professional Training & Mentorship Support

The Stanford will provide an intensive 6-week online training to UIFs to conduct in-depth analyses of their campus ecosystems and provide them with tools and resources. After training, the Fellows receive year-round mentorship, connect with one another digitally, and attend national conferences and events*. 

  1. Propose & Implement Creative Project(s)

Fellows will design project(s) to expose students to creativity, innovation, design thinking and/or tools to hone their entrepreneurial mindset. Examples: Facilitate experiential workshops, establish student clubs, create innovation spaces, start entrepreneurship organizations, organize booths and fairs, work with faculty and administrators to develop new courses, and much more.


Previous cohorts of UIFs did at Lingnan University



Deadline:  Feb 23, 2022, 3:30pm (HKT) [Closed]

Should you know more about the opportunity, please contact LEI at