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Signature Programmes

UIF 2018-2019


Members of UIF 2018-19 (From the Left to the Right)

Ms. Karie CHAN Ching Yi, Department of Sociology and Social Policy
Ms. Max WONG Pui Shan, Department of Cultural Studies
Ms. Rainbow LOK Wing Ki,
Mr. Dickson CHENG Chun Yiu,  Department of Psychology


  • To cultivate the I&E atmosphere in the university
  • To promote the University Innovation Fellow programme

Organized Projects and Activities (2018-19):

  1. Raise Awareness on Social Media Platform - Set up a new Instagram page to actively engage Lingnanian
  2. LEI Week and Exhibition - Organize a booth and promote the concept of Design Thinking by putting up a board and banner
  3. Print-Ads Publicity - Set up a triangular table stand and put in the canteen to showcase the I&E projects or social enterprises by students
  4. Design Thinking Workshop - Organize D.T workshop to engage different students to think out of the box and find innovative solutions to certain issues

​Other Projects after UIF Term:

Karie and Bill
Lingnan We-Bond

Karie CHAN and Max WONG engaged in the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) Student Meeting which aims to promote topics related to Peace & Human Rights after their UIF term. They created a project “Lingnan We-bond” with an aim to create a multi-cultural and harmonious environment for LU students to achieve social integration. The team will invite international students, ethnic-minority students, and local-Chinese students to film a video to enhance students’ cultural sensitivity by indicating difficulties students encounter and suggestions.

Gladly, in April 2020, Karie CHAN was featured in CGI U Meeting 2020 with President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton.

Media Coverage: 「克林頓全球倡議大學」 嶺大五項目入圍


UIF 2019

HERDSA (Hong Kong) Awards for Student Projects

The four UIF members participated in the HERDSA (Hong Kong) Awards for Student Projects award scheme with the topic of Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education in 2019. They created a project called “Be Innovative Entrepreneur through Design Thinking”, which aimed to bring a different learning experience to students by promoting design thinking in the higher education learning environment.

The project has won the Merit award among 9 teams of students from 7 local universities.

YouTube Watch the presentation video


Liberal Arts Education in Hong Kong

University Innovation Fellow (UIF) Lingnan University 2018

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