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Signature Programmes

UIF 2020-2021


Members of UIF 2020-21 (From Left to Right)

Ms Pham Thuy Duong, Department of Visual Studies 
Ms Lee Cheuk Wun Samatha, Department of Management
Ms Bliss Tan Xiao Qian, Department of Global Education and Interdisciplinary Studies 

To provide a variety of perspectives for students to enhance their mental, physical and social well-being.

Organized Projects and Activities (2020-21):

  1. “Study Together” Workshop
    • The fellows aim to look into the details of design thinking. The workshop will serve as a platform for students to have a taste of design thinking skills, an opportunity for students to learn and explore with others about their thoughts on studies and design thinking skills as well as a channel for students to communicate and interact with others. The workshop will be divided into four phases which consist of  “study, discussion, workshop and game”.
  2. Inclusion Week
    • During the Inclusion Week, a series of activities, like open discussions, theatre performances, workshops, talks and seminars targeting all Lingnanians will be initiated on campus to foster a sense of belonging and cultural inclusiveness among the Lingnan community.
Liberal Arts Education in Hong Kong

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