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Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy 2019

Most learning in universities takes place in isolation, students are offered courses and there are outreach programs which try to work with communities. Considering an apparent lack of a crossover between a structured course and student-community interaction; Office of service learning and Lingnan entrepreneurship initiative at Lingnan University, Hong Kong initiated the first joint humanitarian entrepreneurship summer academy in 2018. In the second edition of this program, we have partnered with multiple universities and local partners to come up with this exciting program.


Summer Academy 2019
Hong Kong Almaty, Kazakhstan Uganda Cambodia Nepal Gansu, China South Korea

1st-15th June

(Mandatory Training for Summer Academy except for South Korea

16th-30th June

6th-20th July

TBD (2 weeks)

1st-15th Aug 5th-11th Aug

TBD (July-Aug 4 weeks)


Credit: 6 from two 3 credit courses 


Download: Programme Report


Summer Academy