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Signature Programmes

Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy 2022

The Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy seeks to create impact in student learning by challenging them with real world problems, at the same time creating positive impact in the community by developing solutions. The students will get to explore, understand, analyse, and design their projects in a way which maximizes their learning experience. The previous versions of the academy, were organised in person with a two week in class learning component, followed by two weeks of active field work where they worked with the respective communities to explore the challenges and co-design solutions. The program in the past has created impact in communities in Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Uganda, and Mainland China.

This version of the academy will be virtual with one hour of classes each day for a month and the students will have to organise their time to work with teams at least one more hour each day to work in their projects.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us multiple ways of working together with people whom we've never met in person. The program will try to leverage this experience and add remote stakeholder interaction components allowing learners to engage with partner communities. The program is not looking to provide a panacea; it aims to take small steps towards a better future and to reimagine solutions for contemporary challenges.

The core values of the program will revolve around creative expression, empathy, embracing ambiguity, visualising challenges, and synthesizing actionable ideas.  

Summer Academy 2022


  1. Food insecurity & child malnourishment
  2. Gender neutral design
  3. Fast Fashion
  4. Water Uganda
  5. Plastic recycling Uganda
  6. Agriculture Uganda
  7. Waste management Hong Kong

Program Deliverables

The four weeks will culminate in one of the deliverables below:  

  • Fundraising page (Kickstarter/ GoFundMe/ Indiegogo) 
  • Research or policy paper 

Program Structure

  1. Mentoring Sessions 

Teams should have weekly and daily team goals based on the projects the teams choose. The program will provide mentors for each team and mentors will be able to meet with the teams at least four times during the program.   

2. Class Scheduling  

Classes will take place from 20:30-21:30 HKT/08:30-09:30 EDT every day from Monday through Friday as joint sessions where daily goals will be set. Outside of class time, each team must work among themselves to find common times to complete the tasks. 

3. Class Preparation and Content 

The knowledge content for the course will all be sent to the students the day before the class as recorded videos.. The synchronous online session will be a blended interactive learning setup. The first 10 mins of each class will be an assessment of the previous day's goals. Each team will have one minute to present their assignment. Team members take turns to present their daily goal. If they do not, the team will lose one point and the content should be updated by 6PM HKT/6AM EDT on the class online whiteboard (Miro).​ Failing to achieve the set goal without significant reason will lead to reduction of one mark from the final score for each failed submission.  

The next 40 mins will have workshops and in class discussion to enhance interaction across various teams. The last 10 mins will be to set goals for each team and wrap up. 

Program Details

This program will be free of charge. Lingnan students enrolled in the program should register in SLP1101 (Section 2) courses offered by the summer institute. Participants of the program will be selected via interviews.  

Program frame: 1st July to 29th July 2022  

Timeline  Details 
Starting from Mid-May  Interviews
Week 1: 1st July – 8th July Teaming, project selection, and Introduction to Design 
Week 2: 11th July – 15th July Research and sociological factors  
Week 3: 18th July – 22nd July Entrepreneurship 
Week 4: 25th July – 29th July Sustainability
TBC Mentoring and consultation (At least 4 sessions) 
During the program Online supplementary modules
29th July Submission of your final deliverable
1st of August Team reports due

Credits: 3 Credits for Lingnan students from SLP1101


Program 1


Program 2


Program Detail 2



(For Lingnan Students) Link to register:

Application Deadline: 20th May 2022 (For Lingnan Students)  

(For Non-Lingnan Students) Link to register:

Nomination Deadline: 22nd May 2022 (For Non-Lingnan Students)  


Aloysius Wilfred Raj Arokiaraj

Email:  | Phone: 2616 8078