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new book by Prof Zhou Feifei

Models of the Human in Twentieth-Century Linguistic Theories: System, Order, Creativity

Author: Prof Zhou Feifei, Assistant Professor, Department of English

Publisher: Springer Singapore


This new book by Prof Zhou Feifei provides a different perspective on linguistic texts, concentrating on human models. It investigates major semantic theories in the twentieth century with a focus on three main themes: the linguistic system and the individual speaker, social order, and linguistic creativity.


This is not only a fine-textured exposition on the implicit and explicit models of human nature endorsed by major theorists, but it also reveals the methodological dilemmas faced by students of linguistics.


: Prose is a collection of Dr Siu

Literature Publication: Prose

Author: Dr Siu Yan-ho, Lecturer, Department of Chinese

Publisher:  Manuscript Publishing Limited


Literature Publication: Prose is a collection of Dr Siu’s reflections on and reviews of books and films related to gastronomy and food culture, as well as his articles on food literature and the heritages of Hong Kong and Taiwan.