New taught postgraduate programmes launched to meet society needs

The University will launched a new doctoral and six new taught master’s degree programmes in 2021/22 academic year to meet the needs of society and students.


Doctor of Business Administration in Global Digital Economy and Governance


With the academic support of Tsinghua University in Beijing, LU Faculty of Business introduces the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Programme in Global Digital Economy and Governance to broaden the horizons and vision of senior executives and top-tier professionals with doctoral-level training. This DBA programme is the first of its kind in the region to provide both micro- and macro-level interdisciplinary training for the development of global digital economy and governance.


Master of Arts in Creative and Media Industries


Hosted by the Department of Visual Studies and the Department of Philosophy with the support of the Centre for Film and Creative Industries, this programme provides both basic and advanced courses on creative and media industries, i.e. connected fields in film, television, music, performing arts, architecture, visual arts, and interactive media, as well as archive, museum and amusement services -- which collectively constitute the most dynamic sector of cultural economy in Hong Kong.


Master of Arts in China and Regional Studies


Offered by the School of Graduate Studies, this programme equips students with the type of knowledge that enables them to critically analyse China's global and regional political, security, technological and economic relations in East Asia and Africa, and open up a number of employment opportunities for them.


The knowledge graduates gain can be of tremendous use to those seeking to work in a wide range of fields, including the civil service, journalism and publishing, international private or public sector organisations, NGOs, education, tourism, cultural organisations, and public relations.


Master of Arts in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management


Provided by the School of Graduate Studies in collaboration with the Office of Service-Learning, the programme transcends the disciplinary boundaries of education, social sciences, management and technology, with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship and innovation management.


While not all graduates will go on to launch their own startup, the aim of the programme is to give them knowledge and confidence to go down that road, if desired. What’s more, a significant proportion of the programme will focus on innovation methods, and examining and improving processes.


Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics


Run by the Department of Computer and Decision Sciences, the programme emphasises a balanced coverage of subjects in AI and business analytics, as well as focuses on business data analytics by using AI techniques to solve practical business problems.


It is designed to educate students about the fundamental principles and practical applications of AI and business analytics techniques, especially in the domain of business, so that they can effectively apply AI tools and techniques in problem solving, as well as analyse business problems by using data analytic skills and AI techniques.


Master of Science in Health Analytics and Operations Management


This interdisciplinary programme adopts an eclectic approach to design a professionally led courses aimed at training a modern crop of workforce who has the skills to support the increasingly data-driven and digitalised healthcare sector. Working in collaboration, the Faculty of Business and the School of Graduate Studies have developed a curriculum which integrates theories and methods of healthcare and operations management, with the use of a variety of data analysis and modelling tools.


Master of Science in Risk and Insurance Management


Offered by the Department of Finance and Insurance, the programme covers teaching in the fields of risk management principles, general insurance, life and health insurance, financial risk management, risk modeling and analysis, insurance laws and regulations, wealth management and financial services markets.


Students will receive training to obtain professional qualifications from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and Financial Risk Management (FRM), and become professionals in the risk management industry with both academic and practical knowledge.


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