Dr Mao Sheng’s book selected for HK Digital Ad Start-Ups X Publishing (Writers) Promotion Support Scheme

More Than One Way of Writing History by Dr Mao Sheng, Lecturer of the Department of History, has been chosen for the 4th HK Digital Ad Start-Ups X Publishing (Writers) Promotion Support Scheme.

“I feel very surprised that my book was selected for this award, because it is a relatively academic work written for history majors.” says Dr Mao. “All the other 11 books selected are trade books for a much broader readership. I guess it is related to the rising interest of Hong Kong citizens in history over the past two years.”


Published by The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press in 2020, More Than One Way of Writing History features new research on the history of Europe, the US, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and East Asia, analysing their current status and context in the form of academic book reviews and exploring various possibilities of history writing.


Organised by the Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (HKAIM) and supported by the Government’s Create Hong Kong, the annual event aims at nurturing local digital advertising start-ups and providing them with opportunities to help emerging local writers promote their designated books, increasing their exposure and the reading interests of the public.


Twelve startups have been paired with 12 writers, and received a maximum of $220,000 to publicise their work. Dr Mao will work with 8EGGS Studio which will market the book on social media and other platforms.