Plastic-free takeaways: ben don go! @Lingnan

“ben don go! @Lingnan”, co-organised by the Science Unit, Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of the HKSAR and the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) to promote “zero-plastic” takeaways by lending reusable meal containers, was successfully conducted from late September to early October.


During the pilot run, Lingnan members paid a redeemable deposit of HK$20 per container to borrow reusable meal containers from a service booth. When these were returned unwashed, they were sent to the University’s catering service for cleansing and sterilisation. Over 130 meal containers were lent out.


Manned by student helpers and experienced NGO environmental protection staff, the three-week trial booth was a good opportunity for education in and awareness of the importance of a green lifestyle and BYO concept.


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Ben Don Go