I-Gen Series of Jockey Club “We Care, We Serve & We Learn @ Tuen Mun” programme

The two-week “I-Gen Series 2017” summer service-learning programme was completed on 2 August.  Seven Lingnan students, five community elders and six secondary students participated in the programme.  The name “I-Gen” embodies the themes of “inter-generation” and “innovative generation”.  Through sharing and collaborations, the old and young generations communicate with each other to achieve social harmony.  They investigated topics related to aging issues and innovative designs, including concepts of active aging, social innovation, home design, and green funeral and burial.


Given the retrogression of human movement caused by aging, some household facilities may bear potential danger which leads to accidents among the older population.  In this I-Gen Series, the participants learned the concepts of elderly home design and safety from the guest speaker, visited “Smart Living @ Science Park” and experienced using of wheelchairs so as to understand the needs of disabled.


Some Lingnan students shared on what they have learned from the I-Gen Series:


“Regarding home design, I was most impressed by the wheelchair experience.  That was just a short experience but prompted me to reflect on diverse aspects.  Besides, the series introduced me about the concept of “Universal Design”, which caters for everyone including the elderly and the disabled.  A good design should be created to integrate different stakeholders in order to promote social harmony.”


“A true social innovation does not only emphasise creativity, but also the ability to match the needs of all communities.  I believe that the most important element of social innovation is making social impacts which can solve social problems.  Social innovative ideas may lead to change of the attitudes, behaviours, as well as actions of the stakeholders.  These positive changes may induce and advance improvements in the communities.  Through this process, social impacts can be created and build a better society.”

I-Gen Series of Jockey Club “We Care, We Serve & We Learn @ Tuen Mun” programme  I-Gen Series of Jockey Club “We Care, We Serve & We Learn @ Tuen Mun” programme