Community collaboration programmes promote intergenerational harmony

The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasises that lifelong learning is not only an important idea to the concept of active ageing, but also to encouraging the elderly to actively make contribution to the society.  Under the Jockey Club “We Care, We Serve & We Learn @ Tuen Mun” programme, the Office of Service-Learning (OSL) and Yan Oi Tong implemented a cross-disciplinary and intergenerational collaboration approach to co-organise two events in April and May.  The objectives are to improve community engagement of the elderly and enrich their learning experience by conducting different activities related to physical and mental health.


OSL recruited university students to support “The Third Age of Happy Lifestyle – Floor Curling Trainers Programme”.  Working with the trainer, the students provided training for the elderly to understand the theory and knowledge of floor curling exercise.  Floor curling is a team activity suitable for people of different age groups and abilities, focusing on precision, strategy, concentration, communication, teamwork, etiquette and adversity intelligence.  The exercise can promote healthy living and harmonious partnership between youth and the aged.


OSL also collaborated with Yan Oi Tong Woo Chung District Elderly Community Centre in Tuen Mun District to organise the “Active Prevention & Early Detection of Cognitive Impairment” Project.  At the 13 Think-Act-Contribute (TAC) health workshops, students and the TAC ambassadors taught elderly with mild dementia simple dance moves so as to strengthen their memory and cognitive abilities.


Through these activities, students were able to serve the community with social innovation.  The programmes not only enhanced social network of the elderly and students but also promoted the concept of intergenerational collaboration.

Community collaboration programmes promote intergenerational harmony  Community collaboration programmes promote intergenerational harmony