Sketching tour captures the landscape of Lingnan

Two “Sketching Lingnan” tours under The Art of Szto Wai Exhibition Activity Series were held on 28 April and 26 May respectively.  The tours provide an opportunity to commemorate the indelible contribution of Mr Szto Wai (1889-1961) to Lingnan.  Mr Szto is a distinguished Lingnan alumnus and former faculty member, and the designer of the Lingnan emblem.  Many of his watercolours depict Lingnan’s Guangzhou campus during the 1930s and 1940s and convey a pictorial history of Lingnan during the Sino-Japanese War.


The first tour on the theme “Lingnan Landscapes” was attended by over 30 participants including Lingnan’s students, alumni and neighbouring residents as well as the general public.  Led by students of the Department of Visual Studies, participants toured around the University campus to appreciate its architectural features and explore Lingnan’s humanistic atmosphere.  Participants tried to capture their own views of the Lingnan campus as they enjoyed open-air sketching in a relaxing afternoon.  They also gained a better understanding about sketching techniques from Mr Kay Cheung, a veteran illustrator and sketcher.  After sketching, everyone gathered for a sharing session and appreciated the drawings with each other.  “The sketching tour gives me an opportunity to explore the campus and take a break from my busy university life.  I also value the chance to share my understanding on Lingnan’s liberal arts education with other participants,” said Mr Yeung, a Year 4 student from the Department of Visual Studies.


The second sketching tour on “Humanistic Feelings” was conducted at Casphalt, which is regarded as the backyard of New Territories West.  Outstanding sketches produced in the two sketching tours will be selected to exhibit at Casphalt from mid to late September, and display in the exhibition of The Art of Szto Wai scheduled for early 2019.

Sketching tour captures the landscape of Lingnan  Sketching tour captures the landscape of Lingnan  Sketching tour captures the landscape of Lingnan