Student wins Outstanding Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education Award

Maisha Maliha Yusuf was the sole recipient of the Outstanding (Student) Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education Award for the 2017/18 academic year.  The Award was presented to her by President Leonard K Cheng on 10 May at the TLC Teaching and Learning Portal Launching Ceremony for her services to the Student Consultant Programme.


The Student Consultant Programme partners trained students with faculty members.  Student consultants regularly observe their partner’s classes, making detailed notes and suggestions which are then used as the basis for ongoing discussions and dialogues with the faculty members as to how they can better understand and help their students’ achieve the learning outcomes.


Maisha had been trained and served for just one year as a student consultant.  When the programme recommenced in 2017-18, both the Programme Director and Assistant were new to running the programme; additionally, all the other student consultants were also novices and needed training.  Maisha not only stepped up and served admirably and extremely ably as a student consultant, but she also readily took on the challenge of helping to train up all the other new consultants as well as providing much needed guidance and advice to the programme leaders.  Her willingness, flexibility, hard work and dedication helped the programme run successfully and continue to gain commendations from the participating faculty members who were able to make constructive changes in their classrooms.


As an example of the liberal arts ethos, Maisha recommends other students to take up this opportunity.  “This unique platform can work as a bridge between students and lecturers and they should take this opportunity to build on their communication skills and critical thinking skills, not only crucial for succeeding as a student consultant but also for future endeavours,” said Maisha.


Please click here for more details of the Student Consultant Programme.