Risk and Insurance Management programme recognised as Global Centers of Insurance Excellence

Lingnan University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) - Risk and Insurance Management programme is designated as the Global Centers of Insurance Excellence (GCIE) in 2018 by the International Insurance Society (IIS) among the nine international universities at the IIS Global Insurance Forum held in Berlin, Germany on 9 July.  The GCIE certification programme recognises outstanding risk management and insurance programmes that play an integral role in promoting insurance knowledge and research.


“Lingnan University is the first local university to receive the GCIE award.  I think it is an important achievement as it shows the development in the Hong Kong insurance education, following the funding that we received to develop insurance education five years ago.  We now have a stronger faculty and a better programme to train students,” said Prof Martin YICK Ho-Yin, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Finance and Insurance.


The GCIE designation is awarded to universities and colleges that meet stringent criteria focused on student qualifications, course offerings, graduate and industry employment rates, as well as professional involvement.  The universities must also demonstrate that students are learning primarily from a designated full-time faculty with appropriate academic qualifications and research expertise.


Please click here for details of GCIE 2018.