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New Strategic Plan sets to lift Lingnan ‘Stronger, Higher’

New Strategic Plan sets to lift Lingnan ‘Stronger, Higher’

A new Strategic Plan for 2019-2025 has been rolled out to chart the development path of Lingnan University in the coming six years. Aiming to maintain Lingnan’s position as one of the Asia’s leading liberal arts universities, the new Strategic Plan provides a clear roadmap to accomplish important goals under six strategic areas that are appropriate for the new higher education landscape and that will take the University to its next level of excellence.



The six strategic areas are:


  • Enhancing Undergraduate Teaching and Learning
  • Expanding Postgraduate Education
  • Driving Research Excellence and Knowledge Transfer
  • Advancing Residential Education and Promoting Student Training in Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening Institutional Advancement
  • Accelerating Campus Development


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