Reduced Inequalities

To reduce inequalities, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

Lingnan University is addressing key issues regarding all perceived inequalities, from student admissions, human resources and governance to research, in order to prevent harmful and unsustainable disparities.

Lingnan University SDG Report


The University deems it unlawful to discriminate, harass, or vilify any staff, student or person in the University on grounds of disability, sex, marital status, pregnancy, family status, and race.

Sexual Harassment

Lingnan University has established policy and procedures against sexual harassment, which sets out the mechanism for handling complaints.

Lingnan University Equal Opportunities Policy

The University is dedicated to promoting equal opportunity awareness on campus through publicity, activities, events, workshops, seminars and talks.

Distinguished scholars address unemployment protection at Institute of Policy Studies and Oxfam Hong Kong’s joint webinar

The Institute of Policy Studies of Lingnan University and Oxfam Hong Kong invited prominent experts and scholars to discuss unemployment protection from different perspectives.

LEI Supports Alumni and Entrepreneurs to Achieve SDGs

To support community innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) related projects, Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative has organised a number of social engagement activities including workshops, training weekend market and home visits.

Webinar on Housing as an Intergenerational Project

Lingnan University brought together four experts from different housing contexts to share their observations about intergenerational housing and intergenerational housing assistance to young people from their latest projects.

LU survey confirms age-friendly environment critical to productive engagement of older adults

A recent survey conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) confirmed that an age-friendly city framework would help to promote the productive engagement of older adults in Hong Kong.

Children’s well-being ranks lowest with dissatisfaction over ‘time use’ and ‘being listened to by adults’

The recent research finds the overall well-being of Hong Kong children aged 12 and 10 ranked the lowest and second lowest respectively compared with other 35 participating countries or regions of the project.

Creating an enabling environment for early childhood development

Funded by the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme from Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office, this research investigates the mediating roles of parental investment and parental distress in the link between poverty and children’s cognitive development.

Institutional constraints to the extension of social insurance coverage to informal economy workers in China

This research considers institutional and administrative barriers for expanding social insurance coverage to workers in the informal economy in China, and illustrates some ways through which China is attempting to overcome regulatory and administrative barriers to policy implementation.

Promoting workplace diversity can blur the socio-political differences between mainland and Hong Kong professionals

The research project conducted by Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies aims to identify the effective way of enhancing intergroup contact between mainland talents and Hong Kong professionals.

Applying innovative education practices to combat inequality in education

Education inequality is still a pressing problem in Chinese society. The research team at Lingnan University’s Department of Economics designed and executed a series of projects in collaboration with local education bureaus in China to solve this problem.

Productive Ageing and Wellbeing Among the Elderly

The focal point of this work has emanated from the Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies (APIAS), a pioneer of social gerontology in Hong Kong. Empirical research has been at the heart of training programmes, public awareness campaigns, and policy formulation concerned with the wellbeing of older people and the notion of active ageing, or ageing well.

Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy (SA) 2019 to Achieve SDG

In the summer of 2019, Lingnan University hosted the second edition of the Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy, lining up with peers from universities from the US, Kazakhstan, India and others for a rigorous two-week course in Hong Kong.