Life Below Water

Careful management of this essential global resource is a key feature of a sustainable future.

Research conducted by the Science Unit at Lingnan focuses on conservation in the wild, closely measuring and monitoring the ecosystem of various species. The University also initiates citizen science projects, working with numerous stakeholders (SDG 17) and partners to strengthen the bonds with nature.

Lingnan University SDG Report

Science research in biodiversity and environmental conservation

Lingnan has been conducting research and knowledge transfer projects related to environmental conservation with support from the governmental funding from the AFCD, CEDD, ECF and LCF etc. These projects help enhance public awareness of climate change and its impact to the environment and society.

Joint Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Summer Academy 2021 to Achieve SDG Virtually

The programme organised by Office of Service-Learning and Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative gathered students from 13 different countries spreading over 4 continents to address challenges of economic and environmental sustainability.

Novel reproductive behavior discovered

The Science Unit has reported a novel form of reproductive behaviour observed in a native frog species, Lau’s Leaf Litter Toad (Leptobrachella laui). Unconventionally, the female frog positions herself on top of the male, which is a reverse of the more usual mating arrangement.

Minor in Environmental and Scientific Literacy

This minor course focuses on the development of “science literacy” as a lifelong skill that can be applied to a variety of scientific and technological issues, rather than the mastery of content knowledge in a specific scientific discipline.

MPhil in Environmental Science

This programme equips students with a strong theoretical background in environmental sciences, as well as provide a diversity of hands-on, experiential experiences needed to be successful in this field.