The University is committed to maintaining excellence in teaching and learning, and has put in place effective mechanisms to assure and enhance the quality of its education provision with a view to achieving the Graduate Attributes and learning outcomes exemplifying the qualities expected of Lingnan graduates. In addition to rigorous evaluation and review processes involving both internal and external parties, and in line with the Outcome-based Approach to Teaching and Learning (OBATL), the University actively supports processes to gather evidence from all stakeholders, e.g., analysis of data about student performance, evaluations of teaching and course effectiveness, achievement of Graduate Attributes, and alumni and employer feedback.

The Manual introduces the quality assurance and quality enhancement mechanisms of the University’s education provision, and its policies and procedures to enhance teaching excellence and the student learning experience. Bringing together all the policies, regulations and guidelines pertaining to the assurance and enhancement of academic quality, it is easily available to all relevant staff and students.

The Manual is updated annually by colleagues in the Registry in consultation with colleagues in the Office of Global Education, the Office of Service-Learning, the School of Graduate Studies, the Office of Student Affairs, the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and the Teaching and Learning Centre. As the policies, regulations and guidelines are subject to revision, staff members and students are advised to refer to the online version.