Research Areas

Our faculty conducts internationally recognized research in such areas as

  • Leadership
  • Supply Chain
  • Ethics
  • Management Learning
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Conflict Management

Research interests of Staff

Prof. CHEN Tingting

Leadership; Work motivation; Creativity; Chinese indigenous management issues; Human resource management; Justice; Goal interdependence.

Prof. TJOSVOLD Dean William

Cooperative teamwork; Conflict management; Decision making; Leadership; Power and other management issues in China.

Prof. WONG Shiu-ho, Alfred

Supply chain management; Buyer and supplier relationships; Leadership and teamwork; Cooperation and competition; Strategic management.

Prof. CHEN Yifeng, Nancy

Cross-cultural management; Conflict management in joint ventures; Leadership and teamwork; Cooperation and competition; Relationships, social capital and other management issues in China.

Prof. LAM Tak-ming, Eric

Entrepreneurship Education, Innovation Strategy, Digital Marketing, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ESG, Social Enterprise and Global Entrepreneurship.

Prof. LEE Xue Ren, Randy

Customer service, Creativity, Emotions, Well-Being.

Prof. LI Na, Yolanda

Nonwork-related behaviors and intervention; Unethical work behaviors; Emotions; Leadership.

Prof. WANG Nan

Experience-sampling research method; Positive work events; Leadership; Feedback; Creativity; Proactivity; Behavioral genetics in OB.

Prof. XIE Nina

Co-value creation and innovation in ESG and CSR, Business diplomacy, arbitration, and Investor-State Dispute Solution (ISDS), Dualism, institutions, and non-market strategies under soft law, Creativity and engagement enhancement with generative AI adaptation in education, Eye-track technology in industrial training and pedagogy research .