Prof. CHEN Yifeng, Nancy

Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies)

Chairperson, Research and Postgraduate Studies Committee (RPSC) 

Professor, Department of Management

  Academic Qualification: B.A. (Shandong); PhD (LU)
  Location: SEK102/9
  Tel.: (852) 2616 8346
  Fax: (852) 2467 0982


Prof. CHEN Yi-feng, Nancy is Professor of Management and the Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies) and Chairperson of the Research and Postgraduate Studies Committee (RPSC) of Business Faculty at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. She was the founder of the Master of Science in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship program and co-founder of the Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior program.


Her research interests include proactive personality and behavior, cross-cultural management in joint ventures, cooperative and competitive relationships, conflict management, constructive controversy (open-minded dialogue), leadership and teamwork, and the role of Chinese values and thoughts. Professor Chen has published more than 40 articles in high-quality international academic journals (e.g. Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Journal of Management Studies, etc.) and co-author of more than 50 international conference papers. She has published two books on conflict management. Professor Chen has received multiple prizes and awards, including the Best Paper Award Third Prize in the 2017 China Marketing International Conference, the Best Paper Award at the 2017 Academy of Management Meeting, the Outstanding Doctoral Research Award from Emerald Group Publishing and the EFMD in 2006, the Finalist of the Best Doctoral Student Paper Award at the 4th Asia Academy of Management Conference, 2004, and the Outstanding Paper Award at the 16th Annual IACM Conference, 2003. She has been a consultant for and provided training to government officials and enterprises (e.g. China Mobile, China Union, Huafu Securities Companies) on Cross-Cultural Management, Conflict Management, Leadership, Teamwork, Business Etiquette, and Stress Management. Professor Chen was the Principal Investigator of two business practice-oriented research projects funded by the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong. Her recent lead-authored article titled “When There is a Will There is a Way: The Role of Proactive Personality in Combating COVID-19” was published in a top journal, the Journal of Applied Psychology, and received extensive media coverage in Chinese and English.