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Department Head's Message

Prof. Wong Shiu-ho, Alfred
Head & Associate Professor

I am delighted to introduce you to our Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour Programme at the Department of Management at Lingnan University. We in the Management Department conduct internationally recognized research in such areas as leadership, supply chain, ethics, and conflict management. As part of Lingnan's liberal arts mission, faculty members are also committed to helping students become independent, open-minded, and public-spirited citizens.

People and how they work together is the most important and enduring competitive advantage because through them organizations innovate, form alliances, and in other ways adapt to the changing marketplace. Management Department professors are dedicated to developing and applying knowledge so that individuals flourish and teams perform in our organizations.

Our MSc Programme prepares students to be human resource professionals and leaders. They will learn how to be effective members of human resource management departments who contribute their specialized knowledge about developing a motivated, capable workforce but also leaders who can inspire others to work together as a team. They will learn about how to help themselves and their colleagues strengthen their professional and interpersonal skills.

As is indicated in the course offerings, students have opportunities to learn such vital issues as leadership, organizational change, and conflict management. The emphasis in our courses is on student participation, discussion, and rational discourse. Students are asked to understand important concepts, think critically of their implications, and apply their knowledge in work settings. Students debate various positions, conduct research, and present their findings. In these ways, students master ideas and develop self-confidence and open-mindedness. Then they are prepared to enter the job market in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and elsewhere as human resource management professionals and managers. They may also choose to pursue research careers through PhD and MPhil degrees in Hong Kong and abroad.

Welcome to Lingnan and the Department of Management!


Prof. Wong Shiu-ho, Alfred
Head & Associate Professor
Department of Management
Lingnan University