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Department Head's Message


Welcome to the Department of Management. The department is dedicated to human resource management and entrepreneurship education. We are very committed to meeting the needs of students, developing close relationships with students, and helping students succeed.

At the undergraduate level, we offer the Major in Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Programme and the Minor in Human Resource Management Programme. We also support the Minor in Entrepreneurship Programme as well as leading the teaching of core courses for the BBA programme. At the postgraduate level, we contribute to research postgraduate programmes at master’s and doctoral levels. We also offer the MSc Programme in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour and support the MSc Programme in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Department equips students with solid academic and professional preparation for careers in human resource and related functions as well as an entrepreneurial mindset. To contribute to the Liberal Arts mission of the University, the Department incorporates service-learning activities and community projects into its courses. These experiences provide students with opportunities to develop and practice leadership and to make a difference.

Faculty members of the Department pursue research excellence. They have developed and published a noteworthy number of quality research articles in leading management journals in the areas of organizational behaviour, human resource management, and entrepreneurship.

We understand that thriving business centres such as Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area require a constant contribution from high-calibre executives. Our Department will continue to commit to our mission of providing students with whole-person educational experiences and equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to meet this need.


Prof. CHEN Tingting
Head & Associate Professor
Department of Management
Lingnan University