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Message from Programme Director

Programme Director's Message


The Department of Management is glad to introduce you to our Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour (HRMOB) Programme.

Human resource management is undergoing tremendous change in the 21st century. The human resource profession is moving from being a job function that has been mostly transactional, and is becoming a vital and dynamic force that is essential for enabling organization and international business transformation. With changes in technology and global competition, executive management teams are increasingly looking to human resource professionals as strategic partners in attracting, retaining and developing top talent, and in training and motivating employees at all levels to perform at their peak.

Our programme is distinctive in comprising a two semester-long intensive Master’s degree-level curriculum with an international perspective on human resource management, based in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. The MSc in HRMOB programme is also unique in embracing a “whole-person” development approach to build soft skills and other attributes which are essential building blocks of our students’ career development.  

The department is committed to excellence in providing top class management education. Between us, we have extensive experience in teaching and research as well as professional expertise. Our variety of cultural backgrounds contribute to a fascinating and a rewarding learning experience for students. The curriculum extends beyond classroom teaching, enabling students to participate in a wide range of action learning activities and to gain exposure to a broad range of businesses. We are uniquely qualified to develop the 21st Century human resource professional whose competitive edges include having an international perspective, embracing diversity, and the ability to build a strong partnership with other business leaders in developing and implementing core strategies.

A Master’s degree from our Programme lays a foundation for your career advancement.

Dr. Lam King-sun, Frankie
Programme Director
Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour Programme
Department of Management
Lingnan University