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Experiential Learning

Apart from the courses, we develop a series of optional experiential learning programs including
1) Singapore Study Trip, in partnership with Nanyang Technological University and
2) Leadership Incubation Program coached by professional trainers, to accelerate students’ leadership development skills

Singapore Study Trip

Jan 2019 at Nanyang Technological University

This optional program is in partnership with Nanyang Technological University (Ranked no. 1 in the QS University Ranking Asia 2018), aiming to provide MSc HRMOB students a better understanding of:

1) WHY they need to coach;

2) WHAT are the impacts of personality traits as a coach, their coaching approaches and effectiveness;

3) WHAT are personal mastery techniques to develop SMART goals for personal growth;

4) WHERE and WHEN to use coaching skills.

Students need to analyse and present, rotate as team leader.



Leadership Incubation Program

May2019 One day off site, two days at Lingnan University


Why This Program

-Provide an intensive training to accelerate the leadership development of our students to assist their transition to work situations after graduation
-Establish an unique feature of MSc HRMOB to support admission
-Build and strengthen network with professional HR association and the industries

Learning Objectives:

The optional Leadership Incubation Program is aimed to provide an unique learning opportunity for MSc HRMOB students to

•Gain the essential entry level leadership concepts and skills.
•Give participants a better understanding of the leadership strength and weakness of their own
•Establish a practical development plan for enhancement in various aspects of leadership qualities