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Research Areas

Department of Management:

Prof. CHEN Tingting
Leadership; Work Motivation; Creativity; Chinese Indigenous Management Issues; Human Resource Management; Justice; Goal Interdependence.

Prof. WONG Shiu-ho, Alfred
Strategic Management; Quality Management; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Organisational Behaviour; Buyer and Supplier Relationships; Leadership and Teamwork.

Prof. Dean William TJOSVOLD
Cooperation and Competition; Conflict Management; Leadership; Power and Related Management issues.

Prof. CHEN Yifeng, Nancy
Cooperative and Competitive Relationships, Conflict Management, Leadership, Teamwork and Cross-Cultural Management in Joint Ventures.

Prof. JEONG In Seong, Lewis
Creativity; Resilience in the face of crisis; Implicit theories; Unethical behavior; The psychology of entrepreneurship; Strategic Human Resource Management.

Prof. LI Na, Yolanda
Nonwork-related behaviors and intervention; Unethical work behaviors; Emotions; Leadership.

Prof. WANG Nan
Experience-sampling research method; Positive work events; Leadership; Feedback; Creativity; Proactivity; Behavioral genetics in OB.

Prof. LEE Xue Ren, Randy
Customer service, Creativity, Emotions, Well-Being.

Department of Marketing and International Business:

Prof. Paul A. WHITLA
Globalisation in Service Industries; Multinational Business Strategy; Marketing Strategy in Asia-Pacific; Sports Marketing and Internationalisation.