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Aims and Learning Outcomes

This Programme is designed for individuals who are, or intend to be, working in the field of human resource management or who occupy or intend to occupy positions with substantial leadership or line management responsibilities. For those serving or intending to serve in a wide range of supervisory, managerial and executive positions, the Programme is designed to enhance knowledge and competencies in managing and developing people. For holders of degrees within or outside the business field, the Programme offers a fast route to becoming professional human resource management specialists.



The Programme aims to:

  • provide a stimulating environment conducive to learning advanced knowledge and skills in the areas of human resource management and organisational behaviour;
  • give balanced exposure to contemporary theories and best practices in human resource management and organisational behaviour;
  • build a learning community that nurtures students, fosters interpersonal skills, and builds team spirit; and
  • develop a strategic perspective on HRM in equipping organisations to thrive within complex and rapidly changing environments.


Learning Outcomes

On completing the Programme, students will be able to:

  • explain the changing nature of the human resource management function and its implications for human resource policies, planning and practice;
  • apply skills and knowledge for managing and developing people in continuously changing environments;
  • think critically and innovatively in solving complex problem regarding the management and development of organisational members;
  • utilise organisational behaviour concepts to diagnose and resolve people management problems;
  • apply sound principles of ethical conduct and social responsibility in a human resource management context; and
  • develop a credible performance management strategy that clearly demonstrates the contribution of the HR function to an organisation's mission.