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Alumni Sharing


My passion for Marketing started when I was an undergraduate student at Lingnan University. The BBA (Hons) Marketing Programme provides in-depth and comprehensive knowledge to students about various aspects of marketing and equips students with powerful tools for pursuing a professional career or further education in marketing. All marketing faculty and lecturers at Lingnan are extremely patient and kind, guiding students to learn the applications of marketing in real business contexts through in-class discussions, activities, presentations, and examples. I am glad that I chose Marketing as my major at Lingnan. I strongly encourage you to consider the BBA (Hons) Marketing Program to reach your full potential.

Li Jiaoyang Krista

LI Jiaoyang, Krista
Associate Professor of Marketing
Kelley School of Business,
Indiana University, U.S.A.
Graduate of 2002 (BBA-Marketing)



Wong Yuet Yeung Harry

WONG Yuet Yeung, Harry
Founder, Savewo Ltd
Founder and CEO,
Vlogger Entertainment Ltd
Graduate of 2003 (BBA-Marketing)
During my time as a student majoring in marketing, I grasped all available opportunities to develop into a versatile person through joining activities such as the Young Leadership Development Programme, AIA Leadership Training Programme, Chinese Debate Team and English Debate Team. I also interned for a month at the Beijing factory of Abbott Laboratories, where I experienced commercial culture outside of Hong Kong. Due to my active participation in community services I was rewarded with the Outstanding Service Award for Tertiary Students. By the time I graduated, I was well equipped enough to be hired in a short time by a public relations company and was competent enough to stay in the job.

In today’s fast changing society, people need to have a broad assortment of general skills and knowledge. In particular, when facing adversity, one needs outstanding market acumen and dynamic ability, and should practice self improvement by rapidly absorbing and utilizing skills and information from all sorts of fields. I recently exemplified the above by leading my team of employees to swim against the current and find the way out in the ongoing epidemic. My recent efforts were reinforced by the multi-faceted skills that I established on the strong foundation provided by my liberal arts education at Lingnan. These skills enable me to find the appropriate direction by thinking from multiple perspectives in different business environments, and achieve what I am today.



Looking back, studying Marketing in Lingnan University is one of the best moment I’ve ever had in my life. I found an unique multidisciplinary programme that allowed me to solidify my knowledge in marketing and international business theories.

During the time, I kept challenging myself by participating in different competitions. These were instrumental to my success in winning the opportunity to represent Hong Kong in the 2010 Nike Basketball League in New York, and competing all the way to the final round of the 2011 Yahoo! Bidding competition. The experience helped me land several challenging and interesting jobs with L'Oréal (as Assistant Product Manager), Luxasia (as Product Manager), Shiseido (as Assistant Marketing Manager).

At the moment, I am in charge of eCommerce business in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau of LEGO, to drive EC business development and channel expansion.

All I want to say is “you harvest what you sow!” Be thankful of challenge moment, believe in yourself and once you overcame it, a “better me” is coming along to you.

Chow Lai Tng Jay

CHOW Lai Ting, Jay
eCommerce Channel Manager
The LEGO Group
Graduate of 2012 (BBA-Marketing)



So Chun Hin Anthony

SO Chun Hin, Anthony
Co-founder & CEO of OnMyGrad
Graduate of 2014 (BBA-Marketing)
I benefitted tremendously from the advice and support by MIB’s professors. They inspired me to apply my marketing knowledge and skills in service-learning projects, summer internships, training workshops, as well as the University’s new student orientation and ambassador programmes. These platforms provided me with hands-on practical experience and valuable opportunities to practice my leadership, project and time management skills, which are the essences of my entrepreneurship.

The international exposures and perspectives gained here further enabled me to facilitate my technology startup’s market expansion and to gain the investment from a globally-leading Silicon Valley-based venture capital. I encourage you to discover the unique strength and beauty of liberal art education through your own eyes. Treasure every moment there.




MIB did not only teach me marketing theories, but also how to apply them. With the support from MIB, I was given a lot of chances to participate in service learning projects, organise activities for Student Enhancement Programme (SEP) and intern at a property & conglomerate firm in Shanghai and the local Government during the few years of study.

Upon my graduation in 2014, the knowledge, skills and exposures fuel my career development all the way, as a marketer in corporates, a digital marketing instructor for an NGO, as well as a co-founder in my own startup. If you are also looking for those hands-on experiences, join the MIB family today and become a business leader of tomorrow!

Wong Cheuk Yui Colin

WONG Cheuk Yui, Colin
Co-founder of OnMyGrad
Graduate of 2014 (BBA-Marketing)



Cheung Tsz Shan Victoria

CHEUNG Tsz Shan, Victoria
Partnership Manager | Business Development 
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Graduate of 2015 (BBA-Marketing)
In the three years of university life, to be exact it was four years as I did my placement during my third year of studies, I have not only absorbed valuable knowledge from all around but also extended my potentials in various areas. The Department of Marketing and International Business gives plenty of opportunities including service learning projects and other learning experiences through practical applications such as inter-university business competitions. On top of that, the Department also gives flexibility and full support to students for routing the path they planned. University is where you may find more of who you are and search for your interests.  Don’t ever underestimate yourself and seize every chance to let you excel and shine.




Everything is Marketing, Marketing is everything! Why famous brands like Nike, Apple are still investing over millions on advertising every year? What colour is most effective for impulse purchase? Could marketing do something good to the society instead of only serving the business world? I found all the answers from the BBA (Hons) Marketing Programme. The programme provides you the most up-to-date knowledge of branding, digital marketing, social marketing and so much more. After presentations and projects, you will be more familiar with the application of marketing in real life contexts and equipped for making differences that matter.

If you have ever wonder any similar questions like the above or are curious the jargons mentioned, BBA (Hons) Marketing Programme will be a good choice for you!

Tsang Kwok Wai Tony

TSANG Kwok Wai, Tony
Senior Account Manager
MOBFEVER – Marketing Agency
Graduate of 2015 (BBA-Marketing)



Cheung Ka Yan Kary (2017)

CHEUNG Ka Yan, Kary
Global Travel Retail Campaign Manager
British American Tobacco
Graduate of 2017 (BBA-Marketing)
Lingnan provided me with the best platform for building my international landscape and experience. During my Uni-life, department and professors supported me to join the exchange program in the UK. It helped me to build a solid foundation living abroad and extended my global insights. 

It is my honor to be part of Lingnanian. Lingnan, apparently not the largest Uni in Hong Kong, but it can bring you the best opportunity and the most unforgettable experience in your lifetime. 

Give yourself a chance to see how much better life will get.




I joined Lingnan as a senior entry undergraduate student in 2016 and spent 2 years completing my Marketing degree. The whole journey was very intensive but fruitful. Besides acquiring the professional textbook knowledge, I believe learning for cultivating the passion to be a caring and serviceable leader was the most valuable asset that I gained from the University.

Currently, I am a Rotational Analyst at Generali – an Italian based giant insurer. I have the opportunity to work in various teams via the job rotation scheme, such as Marketing & Communications, Bancassurance, Employee Benefits and Reinsurance. I trust I can be a sustainable value creator for the company, for the industry and for the society in the long run future.

Lui Kong Jimmy (2018)

LUI Kong, Jimmy
Analyst (Management Office)
Generali Hong Kong
Graduate of 2018 (BBA-Marketing)



Polina Vandysheva

Senior Product Writer
amoCRM, Moscow, Russia
Graduate of 2020 (BBA-Marketing)
Graduated with First Class Honours from the BBA (Hons) – MKT programme at Lingnan, I had received eight scholarships and awards, including the Non-local Student Scholarships that cover full tuition fees for my four years of study.

I volunteered for joint humanitarian entrepreneurship in Nepal and taught underprivileged farmers how to grow shiitake mushrooms for better profits through subtitled videos. I also went on exchange to Charles University in Czech Republic with full travel grant from Lingnan.

“Lingnan is a home to me with a lot of opportunities. It’s a big pride of my life!”




Studying the BBA- Marketing (Hons) programme was indeed an unforgettable experience. Not only had teachers put in much effort in teaching us, but also offered me inevitable invaluable advice in my career path. In particular, it had been one of the best experiences to have joined the Student Enhancement Programme (SEP): This programme gave me invaluable opportunities for personal growth. These experiences made me reflect on my strengths and weakness, leading me to this career choice of financial management eventually. I am also pleased to have received scholarships through SEP, which provided me with the extra capital I need to focus in my studies and explore the advice said personal growth. I am thankful to have been nourished and mentored during my study at Lingnan University.

Lo Tsz Kin Rolex (2021)

LO Tsz Kin, Rolex
Chief Wealth Manager
China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited
Graduate of 2021 (BBA-Marketing)




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