MKT3301 - e-Marketing

 First & Second Term, 2019-20 


Course Description

(Prerequisite: BUS2205 - Marketing Management)

The use of Internet as a global communication medium has been the recent trend in the business.  Internet has been treated as the channel for business communications and transactions, and has achieved stature equal to that of traditional print and broadcast media.  The increasing prevalence of the Internet and the improving skills of marketers in using this new medium have made the Internet everywhere in the lives of both consumers and business.  This course provides an introduction to topics in electronic marketing such as e-business model, mobile marketing, and social networking marketing.  This course involves acquiring skills and knowledge of current e-business models and applying the e-business concept to develop strategies to enhance customer relations, competitiveness, and profitability.


First Term, 2019-20 Second Term, 2019-20

Prof. LI Yiwei, Victor

Prof. CHAE Myoung Jin (Course Coordinator)

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