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LI Ling-Yee, Esther

Visiting Associate Professor of Teaching
Department of Marketing & International Business
Lingnan University

Voice:    (852) 2616-8232
Fax:    (852) 2467-3049
Email:    estherli@ln.edu.hk

Dip HKBU; MBA Wales; PhD Western Australia

Research Interests
Internationalization of new ventures; Market entry strategies and performance; Channel and trade show marketing; Sustainable marketing and firm competitiveness.

Global Business Environment, Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications, Services Marketing & Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (MScMIB)


Recent Journal Publications

Li Ling-yee, Liu S. C. B, & Luk, T.K.S. "Customer Participation Behaviour in High- versus Low-contact Services: The Multiple Roles of Customer Trust".  Journal of Global Marketing, 30.5 (2017): 322-341.

Li Ling-yee, Lianxi Zhou, and Aiqi Qu.  "The supply-side of environmental sustainability and export performance: The role of knowledge integration and international buyer involvement".  International Business Review, 26.4 (2017): 724-735.

Li Ling-yee, Roberto C. and Robert M.,. "Stages and Patterns of the Internationalization of Chinese-Owned Firms:"Market-Seeking" versus "Resource-Seeking" Firms." Journal of Comparative International Management, 17.2 (2014): 34-61.  

Li, Ling-yee and Ogunmokun Gabriel. "The Effect of Practicing the Marketing Concept Philosophy on Export Performance in International Markets: A Study of Exporting Companies in China." International Journal of Business and Social Science, 5.2 (2014): 218-223.

Ling-yee, and Ogunmokun Gabriel. ¡§Export Venture Flexibility: Its Antecedents and Effect on Performance.¡¨ International Journal of Trade and Global Markets, 6.2 (2013): 99-122.  

Li, Ling-yee, and Ogunmokun Gabriel. ¡§The Effects of Marketing Capabilities, Financing Resources & Spatial Configuration on Market Focused Flexibility.¡¨ International Journal of Trade and Global Markets, 6.2 (2013): 158-181. 

Li, Ling-yee, and Ogunmokun Gabriel. ¡§The Effect of Manufacturing Flexibility on Export Performance in China¡¨ International Journal of Business and Social Science 3.6 (2012): 7-12. 

Li, Ling-yee, and Ogunmokun Gabriel, and Fiona M. Y. Chong. ¡§Investigation of demographic factors influencing organizations state of mind: Ethnocentric versus non-ethnocentric strategic predisposition behaviour of exporting firms in Australia.¡¨ Journal of International Marketing and Exporting 16.1 (2011): 57-64. 

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Li, Ling-yee. ¡§Encouraging extra-role behaviour in a channel context: The role of economic-, social-, and justice- based sharedness mechanisms¡¨, Industrial Marketing Management 39.2 (2010): 195-201.


Li, Ling-yee. ¡§An Empirical Study of Manufacturing Flexibility of Exporting Firms in China: How do Strategic and Organizational Contexts Matter?¡¨ Industrial Marketing Management 37.6 (2008): 738-751.


Li, Ling-yee. ¡§The Effects of Firm Resources on Trade Show Performance: How Do Trade Show Marketing Processes Matter?¡¨ Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing 23.1 (2008): 35-47.

Book Chapter

Li, Ling-Yee, "Environmental Management Practices and Performance of International Suppliers Located in China: How Does Relationship Learning Matter?" in Asian Business In A Turbulent Environment: Uncertainty and Coping Strategies, pp. 167-183, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

Li Ling-Yee, "International Marketing: A Study of Relational Processes, Firm Competencies and Export Performance in China." in Cross Cultural Marketing: Contemporary Research in Selected Countries, pp. 97 ¡V 127, edited by Gabriel Ogunmokun and Rony Gabbay, Academic Press International, Australia, 2004. 

Book Review

Li, Ling-yee Esther. Book Review on "Vikings and Mandarins: Sino-Scandinavian Business Cooperation in Cross-Cultural Settings." International Marketing Review Vol. 16 (1999): No. 1, 85¡V89.

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