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OH Ga-Eun, Grace

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing & International Business

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BBA, MS (Marketing) Seoul National; PhD (Marketing) HKUST

Research Interests
Consumer psychology, Self-control, Food consumption, Health behaviour, Aging consumers/workers, Social Influence


Consumer Behaviour; Global Business Environment; Advertising and Intergrated Marketing Communications

Selected Publications

Oh, Ga-Eun (Grace), Young Eun Huh, and Anirban Mukhopadhyay (2021), ��Inducing Consumers to Incorporate Calorie Information: A Multinational Investigation,�� forthcoming, Psychology and Health.

Baek, Eunsoo and Ga-Eun (Grace) Oh (2021), ��Diverse Values of Fashion Rental Service and Contamination Concern of Consumers,�� Journal of Business Research, 123, 165-175.

Oh, Ga-Eun (Grace), Young Eun Huh, and Anirban Mukhopadhyay (2020), ��Informed Indulgence: The Effects of Nutrition Information Provision and Dietary Restraint on Consecutive Food Consumption Decisions,�� (E-pub ahead of print), Psychology and Health.

Oh, Ga-Eun (Grace) (2020), ��When Dessert Comes Close: The Effects of Anticipating Indulgent Consumption and Dietary Restraint on Healthy Food Preference at Restaurants,�� International Journal of Hospitality Management, 90, 102614.

Department of Marketing and International Business, Lingnan University
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