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LUI Hon-Kwong

Dept of Marketing & International Business

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Professor LUI Hon-Kwong is a Professor of the Department of Marketing and International Business. From August 2017 to August 2022, he was an Associate Vice President overseeing different units, including the Registry, the Core Curriculum and General Education Office, the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, and Lingnan Institute of Further Education, He also served as Acting Director of Communications and Public Affairs and Head of the Department of Marketing and International Business.

He received his Ph.D. in economics from The University of Hong Kong and worked for a few years as marketing executive in retail industry and as Statistician in the civil service. His consulting experience is mainly in the area of market research and analysis. His research interests include economics demography, labour economics, applied marketing research, and Hong Kong economy. Professor Lui is the author of six books and has published articles in leading and highly respected journals, including Management Science, Urban Studies, Habitat International, Human Relations, Housing Studies, Population, Space and Place, Journal of International Marketing, Economic Inquiry, and Journal of Housing Economics, among many others. The book he co-authored with Robert Frank and Ben Bernanke (Nobel laureate and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States), Principles of Economics: Asia Global Edition, was widely adopted as textbook by universities in Asia including top universities in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The hallmark of his work is the application of statistical methods to large data sets that produce quantitative answers to questions that are relevant for public policy. Professor Lui is best known for his work on income inequality, which layouts the key facts and conceptual issues surrounding income inequality in Hong Kong. His major publication in this area is the research monograph—Widening Income Distribution in Post-Handover Hong Kong (Routledge, 2013). The research uses Census dataset from the period 1981-2011 to examine the individual effects of industry composition shifts, occupation composition shifts, expansion of tertiary education, public housing program, and the arrival of recent immigrants on income distribution.

Other than academic research, Professor Lui is very active in University committee and community services. He is a Council Member of The Education University of Hong Kong and the Chairman of its Audit Committee.  Moreover, he is a member of the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government. He was a Director of JUPAS Board of Management and a member of the Disciplinary Panel A of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Panel and EcoPark Advisory Committee. Moreover, he was a Council Member of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority and Deputy Chairman of its Research & Development Committee. On the other hand, he has published over 120 commentaries in major newspapers and these commentaries can be broadly divided into four groups: education, public policy, economic environment, and labour market.


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Selected Publications

Books and Refereed Monographs

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Principles of Economics: Asia Global Edition. (with Robert H. Frank and Ben S. Bernanke). McGraw Hill, 2014.

Widening Income Distribution in Post-Handover Hong Kong. Routledge, 2013.

《誰搬走了香港的黃金》. Hong Kong: Enlighten & Fish Ltd (亮光文化), 2011.

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Income Inequality and Economic Development. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press, 1997.

《收入分配與經濟發展》. Hong Kong: The Commercial Press (商務印書館), 1997.



Journal Articles

Homeownership of new immigrants in Hong Kong: before and after the handover.” Housing Studies, (E-pub ahead of print), 24 July 2023.

Pursuing dreams in an Asian global city: Does host language proficiency matter for Asian minorities?.” (with Jin Jiang). Urban Studies 60 (February 2023): 360–378.

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Cross-Border Marriages in Pre- and Post-Handover Hong Kong.” Population, Space and Place (E-pub ahead of print), 21 August 2022.

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The Effect of Online Consumer Reviews on New Product Sales.” (with Geng Cui, and Xiaoning Guo). International Journal of Electronic Commerce 17 (Fall 2012): 39–58.

Decomposition of Cross-Country Differences in Consumer Attitudes Toward Marketing.” (with Geng Cui, Tsang-Sing Chan, and Annamma Joy). Journal of Consumer Marketing 29 (2012): 214–224.

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The Returns to Language Ability in Hong Kong: Before and After the Handover.” Applied Economics Letters 14 (February 2007): 121–125.

Machine Learning for Direct Marketing Response Models: Bayesian Networks with Evolutionary Programming.” (with Geng Cui and Man Leung Wong). Management Science 52 (April 2006): 597–612.

Order of Entry and Performance of Multinational Corporations in an Emerging Market: A Contingent Resource Perspective.” (with Geng Cui). Journal of International Marketing 13 (Winter 2005): 28–56.

Different Responses to Job Insecurity of Chinese Workers in Joint Ventures and State-owned Enterprises.” (with Yui-Tim Wong, Chi-Sum Wong and Hang-Yue Ngo).  Human Relations 58 (November 2005): 1391–1418.

Do Loyal Subordinates Get Higher Wages? Experience from China.” (with Yui-Tim Wong). Applied Economics Letters 12 (August 2005): 649–652.

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Structural Change and the Narrowing Gender Gap in Wages: Theory and Evidence from Hong Kong.” (with C. Simon Fan). Labour Economics 10 (October 2003): 609–626.

A Direct Test of the Efficient Marriage Market Hypothesis” (with Wing Suen). Economic Inquiry 37 (January 1999): 29–46.



Newspaper Articles

Professor Lui has published over 120 commentaries on labour market, economic environment, education policy and public policy in the following newspapers:

《蘋果日報》Apple Daily
《信報財經新聞》Hong Kong Economic Journal
《香港經濟日報》Hong Kong Economic Times
《星島日報》Sing Tao Daily
《明報》Ming Pao Daily News

Selected commentaries have been published in two volumes, one by Next Publications Ltd in 2003 and one by Enlighten & Fish Ltd in 2011.


Consultancy Reports

A Survey Report of the White Bread Market in Hong Kong, 1999. (This is a consultancy report submitted to Cakes & Bakery Division, Maxims Caterers Limited.)

Balance of Payments of Hong Kong: Desktop Exercise 1998. Hong Kong: Hong Kong Monetary Authority, 1998. (This is a confidential report which consists of some 14,000 words together with 11 tables and 2 annexes.) 



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