MSc in Marketing and International Business

First Term, 2023-24

MIB501 - Consumer Behaviour



Brief Course Description

The purpose of this course is to examine the available theory and research concerning the psychology and decision making process of the consumer. We will take the perspective of a marketing manager who needs knowledge of consumer behaviour in order to develop, evaluate, and implement effective marketing strategies. Concepts and theories from the behavioural sciences will be examined.

We will focus on creatively using these ideas (a) to understand peoples' consumption-related behaviours, and (b) to develop and evaluate marketing strategies intended to influence those behaviours. In practical terms, we will address questions such as:  What kinds of marketing stimuli do consumers notice? What motivates consumers?  How can we aid consumer memory for our brand name and product features? How can we get consumers to choose our product over competitors? How and why do consumers in different cultures react differently to the same marketing stimulus? In addressing questions such as these, this course will give participants an appreciation of how getting inside the mind of the consumer enables the marketing manager to design better marketing strategies, with a particular emphasis on effective communication tactics.



First Term, 2023-24
POON Shing-Chung, Patrick       


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