MSc in Marketing and International Business

First Term, 2023-24

MIB505 - Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management




Brief Course Description

Services dominate the U.S. economy as well as much of the world economy. Services are critical to your future, your country future, and the success of the world economy. For this reason, service marketing is more critical than ever before. In fact, many governments round the world including China, Germany, Finland, etc. recognize the importance of services as an important innovation and competitive platform for their countries, and strive to provide the latest services marketing and management education. The theme of this course focuses on challenges of managing service brands and delivering quality service to customers across industry sectors. The course is designed and relevant not just for students with careers in services industries (e.g. banks, telecommunications, retailing, airlines, hotels, hospitals, education institutions, professional services, etc.) but also for all students, particularly those who intend to have careers in goods industries with high services components (e.g. business-to-business consulting, manufacturing and high-tech industries).


First Term, 2023-24
Professor LI Ling-yee, Esther       

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Week Topics Download Area
1 Course Introduction and Frameworks for Services (Chapter 1)
2 Gaps Model of Service Quality (Chapter 2)
3 Customer Expectations of Services (Chapter 3)
4 Customer Perceptions of Services (Chapter 4)
5 Listening to Customer Through Research (Chapter 5)

National Day (No class)

6 Service Recovery (Chapter 7)

Service Innovation and Standard Design (Chapter 8 & 9)


Physical Evidence and the Servicescape (Chapter 10)

9 Building Customer Relationships (Chapter 6)
10 Employees' Roles in Service Delivery (Chapter 11)

Customers' Roles in Service Delivery (Chapter 12)

12 Integrated Service Marketing Communications (Chapter 14)

Service Blueprinting Projects' Presentation Day on 24 Nov 9:30-12:30pm & 2:30-5:30pm


Pricing of Services (Chapter 15)

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