Programme and Curriculum Committee


Terms of Reference


  1. To take charge of the degree programme including the design, implementation and review of the curricula, inter alia, the achievement of the intended student learning outcomes;
  2. To liaise with teaching staff concerned on programme matters such as course offerings for each academic year;
  3. To report to the Management Department Board and to the Postgraduate Studies Committee on the results of examinations and graduation list;
  4. To liaise with the Registry on all academic matters including review of academic regulations and examination matters;
  5. To review admissions policy for the degree programme; and
  6. To deal with all other matters related to the degree programme.





Associate Director, Taught Postgraduate Programmes Office, Faculty of Business


Dean of Faculty of Business
Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies)
Head of Department of Marketing and International Business
All teaching staff of the programme


To be appointed by the Chairman


Current Member




Prof. LENG Mingming (冷明明)

Dean of the Faculty of Business

Prof. CHEN Yifeng, Nancy (陳弋風)

Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies)

Prof. PENG Ling

Head and Associate Professor

Prof. CUI Geng


Prof. LUI Hon-Kwong Professor
Prof. POON Shing-Chung, Patrick

Professor of Teaching

Prof. Paul A. WHITLA

Professor of Teaching

Prof. CHOW Kong-Wing, Clement

Adjunct Professors

Prof. CAO Cong, Clark Assistant Professor
Prof. CHUNG Yu-Ho, Sebastian Assistant Professor
Prof. HE Dongjin Assistant Professor
Prof. QI Suntong Stone Assistant Professor of Teaching
Prof. OH Ga-Eun, Grace Research Assistant Professor