Advisory Board Member List

Terms of Reference


An Advisory Board shall normally meet once a year to help plan and keep under review the following aspects of work including future developments:


1. Level and length of courses/programme(s) concerned in relation to local needs;

2. The relevance of the courses/programme(s) in relation to the local needs;

3. The prospects of local employment for graduates;

4. The adequacy of the equipment and other resources of the academic unit(s) to fulfil local needs;

5. The development of teaching and other activities carried out jointly by the academic unit(s) and the appropriate sector of the community;

6. Investigation consultancy and other services given by the academic unit(s); and

7. Keep under review the assistance which the community can give to further the objectives of the University in the subject concerned by way of practical training facilities, the provision of part-time teaching staff and equipment, the award of scholarships, student-fellowships, etc.



Current Member




Prof. WONG Hak Kun, Sunny (Chairman)

Director, Rise Counselling Service Limited

Mr. CHAN Ho Man, Bryan

Director of Business Development, Forenodes Technology Limited

Dr. CHAN Kong Tat, Ted

Founder and Director, N-Dynamic Market Research & Consultancy Limited

Mr. LEE Kwun Kwan, Davey

Senior Regional Director, Prudential Hong Kong Limited

Ms. NGAI Fong Ling, Icy

Founder, Guru FnB International Enterprise Limited