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潘 盛 聰
POON Shing-Chung, Patrick

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies)
Faculty of Business

Director of Undergraduate Business Programmes
Undergraduate Programmes Office, Faculty of Business

Professor of Teaching
Department of Marketing & International Business

Voice:  (852) 2616 8235
Fax:     (852) 2467 3049
Email:  [email protected]

METM Queensland; PhD Queensland; Dr rer pol Mainz


Research Interests
Cross-cultural marketing; Services marketing; Consumer behaviour; New product development; Brand management; Tourism marketing.

Marketing Management, Buyer Behaviour, Strategic Brand Management , Retailing and Distribution Management

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

  • Poon, Patrick (forthcoming, 2023), "The Effect of Face on Consumer Responses to Socially Responsible Hospitality Brands: The Role of Consumption Setting", Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research.
  • Peng, Jiamin, Xiaoyun Yang, Patrick Poon, and Lishan Xie (2022), "Enhancing Users' Well-Being in Virtual Medical Tourism Communities: A Configurational Analysis of Users' Interaction Characteristics and Social Support", Technology in Society, 17, .
  • Yin, Cheng-Yue, Nan Bi, Patrick Poon, and Yang Sun (2020), "Sexy or Smart? The Impact of Endorser Ethnicity and Portrayal on Chinese Women's Attitudes Toward Luxury Advertising", Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 32, 2, 406-427.
  • Poon, Patrick and Gerald Albaum (2019), "Consumer Trust in Internet Marketing and Direct Selling in China", Journal of Relationship Marketing, 18, 3, 216-232.
  • Yin, Cheng-Yue, Patrick Poon, and Jing-Lei Su (2017), "Yesterday Once More? Autobiographical Memory Evocation Effects on Tourists' Post-Travel Purchase Intentions toward Destination Products", Tourism Management, 61, 263-274.
  • Xie Lishan, Patrick Poon, and Wenxuen Zhang (2017), "Brand Experience and Customer Citizenship Behaviour: The Role of Brand Relationship Quality", Journal of Consumer Marketing, 34, 3, 268-280.
  • Poon, Patrick, Gerald Albaum and Cheng-Yue Yin (2017), "Exploring Risks, Advantages, and Interpersonal Trust in Buyer-Salesperson Relationships in Direct Selling in a Non-Western Country", International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 45, 3, 328-342.
  • Wong, Ada, Tian Yu and Patrick Poon (2016), "Managing Opportunism in China: The Roles of Guanxi Environmental Uncertainty and Management Culture", Journal of Global Marketing, 29, 2, 98-111.
  • Yin, Cheng-Yue, Hongyan Yu and Patrick Poon (2016), "Consumers' Attributions and Brand Evaluations in Product-Harm Crises: The Role of Implicit Theories of Personality", Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 15, 1, 87-95.
  • Yin, Cheng-Yue and Patrick Poon (2016), "The Impact of Other Group Members on Tourists' Travel Experiences: A Study of Domestic Package Tours in China", International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 28, 3, 640-658.
  • Wan, Lisa, Patrick Poon and Chunling Yu (2016), "Consumer Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility Brands: The Role of Face Concern", Journal of Consumer Marketing, 33, 1, 52-60.
  • Zhou, Lianxi, Patrick Poon and Haizhong Wong (2015), "Consumers' Reactions to Global Versus Local Advertising Appeals: A Test of Culturally Incongruent Images in China", Journal of Business Research, 68, 3, 561-568.
  • Yin, Cheng-Yue, and Patrick Poon (2014), "Impact of Placard Language on Emotional Responses", Annals of Tourism Research, 49, 138-140.
  • Wan, Lisa and Patrick Poon (2014), "Tourist Views on Green Brands: The Role of Face Concern", Annals of Tourism Research, 46, 173-175.
  • Evangelista, Felicitas, Patrick Poon and Gerald Albaum (2012), "Using Response Behaviour Theory to Solicit Survey Participation in Consumer Research", Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 28, Issue 9/10, 1174-1189.
  • Poon Patrick (2012), "Ethical and Social Issues in Global Marketing", Journal of Global Marketing, Vol. 25, Issue 1, 1-2 (editorial).
  • Zhou, Yanfeng, Patrick Poon and Guang Huang (2012), "Corporate Ability and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Product Involvement", Journal of Global Marketing, Vol. 25, Issue 1, 45-56.
  • Zhou, Yanfeng, Patrick Poon and Chunling Yu (2012), "Segmenting Blood Donors in Developing Countries", Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 35, Issue 5, 535-552.
  • Poon, Patrick, Gerald Albaum and Peter Chan (2012), "Managing Trust in Direct Selling Relationships", Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 35, Issue 5, 588-603.
  • Poon, Patrick, TS Chan and Lianzi Zhou (2011), "Implementation of Service-Learning in Business Education: Issues and Challenges", Journal of Teaching in International Business, Vol. 22, Issue 3, 185-192.
  • Poon, Patrick, Felicitas Evangelista and Gerald Albaum (2010), "Attitudes of Migrants Toward Foreign Made Products: An Exploratory Study of Migrants in Australia", Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 27, Issue 1, 35-42.
  • Poon, Patrick, Lianxi Zhou and TS Chan (2009), "Social Entrepreneurship in a Transitional Economy: A Critical Assessment of Rural Chinese Entrepreneurial Firms", Journal of Management Development, Vol. 28, Issue 2, 94-108.
  • Albaum, Gerald, Joel Herche, Julie Yu, Felicitas Evangelista, Brian Murphy and Patrick Poon (2008), "Differences in Marketing Managers' Decision Making Styles within the Asia-Pacific Region: Implications for Strategic Alliances", Journal of Global Marketing, Vol. 21, Issue 1, 63-78.
  • Zhou, Lianxi, Lefa Teng and Patrick Poon (2008), "Susceptibility to Global Consumer Culture: A Three-Dimensional Scale", Psychology & Marketing, Vol. 25, Issue 4, 336-351.
  • Poon, Patrick and K.S. Chan (2007), "University-Industry Technology Transfer in Hong Kong", International Journal of Learning and Change, Vol.2, Issue 1, 109-125.
  • Poon, Patrick, Felicitas Evangelista and Gerald Albaum (2005), "A Comparative Study of Management Styles of Australian and PRC Marketing Managers", International Marketing Review, Vol. 22, Issue 1, 34-47.
  • Poon, Patrick, Michael Hui and Kevin Au (2004), "Attributions on Dissatisfying Service Encounters; A Cross-Cultural Comparison between Canadian and PRC Consumers", European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 38, Issue 11/12, 1527, 1540.
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  • Evangelista, Felicitas, Gerald Albaum and Patrick Poon (1999), "An Empirical Test of Alternative Theories of Survey Response Behaviour", International Journal of Market Research (formerly known as Journal of the Market Research Society), Vol. 41, Issue 2, 227-244.

Book/Software Review

  • Poon, Patrick (2003), "Comments on the Book by Shantha Liyanage and Alan J. Jones: Investing in Knowledge Capital: Management Imperatives", International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 26, No.8, 918-920.
  • Albaum Gerald and Patrick Poon (1994), "Review of Proclus", Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 31, No.2, 582-583.

Books/Book Chapters

  • 奢侈品营销和管理 (Luxury Marketing and Management), 2016, Chinese Edition, co-authored with Daniel Langer and Oliver Heil, China Renmin University Press, China.
  • Peng, Ling, Lisa Wan and Patrick Poon (2013), "Self-Discrepancy and Consumer Responses to Counterfeit Products", in TS Chan and Geng Cui (Eds), Multinationals and Global Consumers: Tension, Potential and Competition, the AIB Southeast Asia Series, Palgrave Macmillan, 207-224.
  • 企業概論 (Introduction to Business), 2001 (2nd Ed) and 1998 (1st ed), Vol. 1 and 2, co-authored with C.K. Ng, Chyau Tuan, Michael Hui and Linda Ng, Excellence Publication Co., Hong Kong.

Other Publications

  • Grund, Michael, Oliver Heil, Patrick Poon and Sergio Moccia (2010), "Competitive Advantage of Swiss Products, Firms and the Nation", Research Series 06/2010, GfM Swiss Society of Marketing (in German), pp. 1-12.
  • Poon, Patrick (2004), "Customer Relationship Management and Its Implementation", Publication of Y's Theme, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Vol. 46, 7-18.


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