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CHUNG Yu-Ho, Sebastian

Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing & International Business

Voice:  (852) 2616 8244
Fax:     (852) 2467 3049


Research Interests
Social media, Content marketing, Moment-to-moment data, and Psychometric model

Marketing Analytics ; Marketing Research ; The Digital Economy and Social Media

Recent Journal Publications
Cui, Geng, Yuho Chung, Ling Peng and Wanyi Zheng (2022), "The Importance of Being Earnest: Mandatory vs. Voluntary Disclosure of Incentives for Online Product Reviews", Journal of Business Research, 141 (3), 633-645.

Yuho Chung, Yiwei Li, and Jianmin Jia (2021), "Exploring Embeddedness, Centrality, and Social Influence on Backer Behavior: The Role of Backer Networks in Crowdfunding", The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49(5), 925-946.

Peng Ling, Geng Cui, Yuho Chung, and Wanyi Zheng (2020), "The Faces of Success: Beauty and Ugliness Premiums in e-Commerce Platforms", Journal of Marketing, 84 (4), 67-85. (Note: The first three authors share equal authorship)

Peng Ling, Geng Cui, Yuho Chung (2020), "Do the Pieces Fit: Assessing the Configuration Effects of Promotion Attributes", Journal of Business Research, 109, 337-349.

Peng Ling, Geng Cui, Yuho Chung, and Chunyu Li (2019), "A Multi-facet Item Response Theory Approach to Improve Customer Satisfaction Using Online Product Ratings", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 47 (5), 960-976.


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