Department of Marketing and International Business



MKT221 Marketing in the Chinese Mainland

2019-20 Second Term



Prof. Geng Cui     



L1: Tu 13:30-15:00 LKK201, Th 13:30-15:00 LKK202

L2: Tu 15:00-16:30 LKK201, Th 16:30-18:00 MBG10                             


Room SEK104/101






Office hrs:

Tu 16:30-17:30, Wed 9:00-9:30, 13:30-14:30, Th 15:00-16:30





Course Description

In the last three decades, China has grown into an economic powerhouse and one of the biggest markets in the world. Its economy has undergone fundamental changes and become intertwined with that of Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Thus, it is pivotal that business students understand the China’s economic, social, political, cultural and legal environments and how these factors may affect the Chinese consumers and marketing strategies and practices employed by both local and foreign firms. The course explores the historical transformation of the China’s economic and market environment, consumer groups, and marketing strategies as well as other challenging issues such as channel relationships and business ethics to inform management decisions in China.



           Readings for this course can be found on the lecture website below or you may download them from here:        

           Coursepack1, and Coursepack2


Course Outline

Class Schedule & Downloads: Lecture 1 and Lecture 2

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