李  宜  威
LI Yiwei, Victor

Assistant Professor

Department of Marketing & International Business

Voice: a (852) 2616-8243
Fax: a (852) 2467-3049
Email: a victor.Li@Ln.edu.hk


BBA, M.S. (Marketing), PhD (Marketing) CUHK 

Research Interests
Applied econometrics, Field experiments, Social network, Crowdfunding, Mobile marketing, Online word-of-mouth, Behavioral economics

Microeconomics for Business  and  e-Marketing

Recent Publications

Journal Articles 


Chao Ma, Yiwei Li, Feng Guo, Kao Si (Forthcoming), "The Citation Trap: Papers Published at Year-End Receive Systematically Fewer Citations", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, Xiaolin Lin, and Yijian Ning (Forthcoming). "Mobile Targeting in Industrial Marketing: Connecting with the Right Businesses", Industrial Marketing Management

Xuanhua Xu, Ke Zhang, Yiwei Li, and Ge Xu (Forthcoming), "Impact of Air Quality on Public Perception of Risk and Coping Intension" (in Chinese), System Engineering Theory and Practice (系統工程理論與實踐)

Weiwei Cao, Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, Wei Geng, Jianmin Jia (Forthcoming), "Research on Intercity Travel Mode Choice Behavior Using Passengers' Ticket Data" (in Chinese), System Engineering Theory and Practice  (系統工程理論與實踐)

Ge Xu, Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, Xiaohong Chen and Jianmin Jia (2017), "Environmental Risk Perception and Its Influence on Well-being", invited paper by Chinese Management Studies (SSCI), 11(1), 35-50.

Ge Xu, Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, Xiaohong Chen and Jianmin Jia (2017), "Empirical Study on the Perceived Risk of Smog and Public Coping Behavior" (in Chinese), Journal of Management Sciences in China (管理科學學報), 20(9), 1-14

2019 Young Scientists Fund (Reference: 7180020071), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), "Empirical Studies on Social Influence in Online Crowdfunding", Co-Investigator (RMB $190,000) 

2017 General Research Fund Grant (Reference: 14505217), Hong Kong Research Grants Council, "Field Studies on Phishing Susceptibility in Mobile Social Networks", Co-Investigator (HK$ 748,071) 

2016 General Research Fund Grant (Reference: 14521316), Hong Kong Research Grants Council, "The Dynamics of Social Influence on a Crowdfunding Platform", Co-Investigator (HK$ 310,500)
Department of Marketing and International Business, Lingnan University
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