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LI Yiwei, Victor

Assistant Professor
Department of Marketing & International Business

Voice:  (852) 2616 8243
Fax:     (852) 2467 3049

BBA, M.S. (Marketing), PhD (Marketing) CUHK

Research Interests
Methodologies: Field experiment, Applied econometrics, Bayesian statistics, Machine learning

Topics: Social network, Crowdfunding, Influencer marketing, Mobile marketing, Word of mouth, Behavioral economics

Microeconomics for Business; e-Marketing; Big Data Marketing (MScMIB)

Selected Publications
Xinyuan Chen, Yiwei Li, Joseph Chang, and Xiangnan Feng, "Variational Bayesian Analysis of Non-Homogeneous Hidden Markov Models with Long and Ultra-Long Sequences", Annals of Applied Statistics, E-pub ahead of print

Fine Leung, Fang Gu, Yiwei Li, Jonathan Zhang, and Robert Palmatier (2022), “Influencer Marketing Effectiveness”, Journal of Marketing, 86(6), 93-115

Fine Leung, Jonathan Zhang, Fang Gu, Yiwei Li, and Robert Palmatier (2022), “Does Influencer Marketing Really Pay Off?”, Harvard Business Review, November

Jayson S. Jia*, Yiwei Li*, Xin Lu, Yijian Ning, Nicholas Christakis, and Jianmin Jia* (2021), “Triadic Embeddedness Structure in Family Networks Predicts Mobile Communication Response to a Sudden Natural Disaster”, Nature Communications, 12, 4286 (* contributed equally)

Yuho Chung, Yiwei Li, and Jianmin Jia (2021), "Exploring Embeddedness, Centrality, and Social Influence on Backer Behavior: The Role of Backer Networks in Crowdfunding", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49(5), 925-946

Chao Ma, Yiwei Li, Feng Guo, and Kao Si (2019), “The Citation Trap: Papers Published at Year-End Receive Systematically Fewer Citations”, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization,166, 667-687


Other Publications
Zhuanlan Sun, Sheng Liu, Yiwei Li, and Chao Ma (2023), "Expedited Editorial Decision in COVID-19 Pandemic", Journal of Informetrics, 17(1), 101382.

Ge Xu, Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, and Jianmin Jia (2022), "Mediation Effects of Online Public Attention on the Relationship Between Air Pollution and Precautionary Behavior", Journal of Management Science and Engineering, 7(1), 159-172

Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, Xiaolin Lin, and Yijian Ning (2020). “Mobile Targeting in Industrial Marketing: Connecting with the Right Businesses”, Industrial Marketing Management, 86, 65-76

Ge Xu, Xiangnan Feng, Yiwei Li, Xiaohong Chen, and Jianmin Jia (2017), "Environmental Risk Perception and Its Influence on Well-being" Chinese Management Studies, 11(1), 35-50

馬超, 李宜威, 賈建民, & 閆雪淩 (2021). 高低收入階層膳食健康上的不平等及其分解——"口味無爭辯"?. 管理科學學報, 24(1), 50-70

曹煒威, 劉聖, 李宜威, & 賈建民 (2020). 結伴出行推動消費升級 : 基於鐵路大數據的分析. 管理科學學報, 23(2), 18-38

徐戈, 馮項楠, 李宜威, 陳曉紅, & 賈建民 (2017). 霧霾感知風險與公眾應對行為的實證分析. 管理科學學報, 20(9), 1-14

2019 Young Scientists Fund (Reference: 7180020071), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), "Empirical Studies on Social Influence in Online Crowdfunding", Co-Investigator (RMB $190,000)

2017 General Research Fund Grant (Reference: 14505217), Hong Kong Research Grants Council, "Field Studies on Phishing Susceptibility in Mobile Social Networks", Co-Investigator (HK$ 748,071)

2016 General Research Fund Grant (Reference: 14521316), Hong Kong Research Grants Council, "The Dynamics of Social Influence on a Crowdfunding Platform", Co-Investigator (HK$ 310,500)


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