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BSc National Chiao Tung; MBA National Cheng Kung; PhD Maryland

Research Interests

Consumer Behavior, Word-of-Mouth Communication, Social Influence, Persuasion Knowledge, Online Consumer Communication.

Marketing Management ; Marketing Research
; Using The Internet for Learning And Research; E-commerce and Social Media Marketing (MScMIB)


Chen,Yu-Jen and Amna Kirmani (2015), "Posting Strategically: The Consumer as an Online Media Planner," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 25 (4), 609-621 Featured in Impact Magazine (2015 October)

Hamilton, Rebecca, Ann Schlosser and Yu-Jen Chen (2017), "Who's Driving This Conversation? Systematic Biases in the Content of Online Consumer Discussions", Journal of Marketing Research, 54(4), 540-555.

Working Paper
"Rating Certainty," with David Godes and Amna Kirmani.

"Online Reviews of Credence Services," with Shannon Lantzy, Katherine Stewart, and Rebecca Hamilton.

"Sense of Community and Biased Online Review Behavior," with Chunyu Li and Amna Kirmani.

"Friends or Non-friends: How Connected Social Relation Backfires Sharing," with Amna Kirmani.

"A Goal Rebound Hypothesis for Sequential Social Endorsement," with Suntong Qi.

"Role Conflict in Sharing with Multiple Audiences"

Grants and Awards

2014 Early Career Scheme, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong (HKD538,800), 2015/01/01 - 2017/06/30.

2017 General Research Fund, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong (HKD433,570), 2018/01/01 - 2019/12/31.
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