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How to back up course in Moodle

Moodle Backup File

Instructor can make use of the Moodle built-in backup function to create Moodle Backup File (.mbz) for their courses. Each backup file contains the course's materials, content and setting, but not student grades nor enrollment.

Moodle backup file cannot be opened from local computer to extract files uploaded to the course. It can only be used to restore a course within Moodle. 

How to Back Up Moodle Course

Step 1: Log in to Moodle and access the course you wish to back up Screenshot of Moodle course overview
Step 2: Find the Administration block on the left block section, and click on the item Backup under Course administration. Screenshot of course administration block
Step 3: The entire backup process is divided into 5 sub-steps. On the Initial settings page select which the type of content to be included in the backup, then click Next Screenshot of Moodle backup step 1
Step 4: Under the Schema settings page, further select the content to be included in the backup file, then click Next Screenshot of backup schema settings page
Step 5: On the Confirmation and review page, review and ensure all the backup setting are correct. You man also provide a different filename for the backup file by filling in the filename field. Once everything is confirmed, click on Perform backup Screenshot of Moodle backup confirmation and review page
Step 6: The backup process will begins, once completed a confirmation message will be displayed "The backup file was successfully created". Screenshot of Moodle backup completed
Step 7: The backup file will be placed under the User private backup area. Click on Download to download the file to your computer. Screenshot of Moodle course User private backup area