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How to import from another course in Moodle

Import Course Materials in Moodle

Import function in Moodle allows copying of course materials from one course to another. This is particularly useful for instructors to re-use materials from course they taught in previous semesters, providing the courses have not be removed (Course materials are kept for up to 2-years).

How to Import from another course in Moodle

Step 1: Log in to Moodle and access the target course
For this example we will import materials from Term 1, 2013-2014 to Term 1, 2014-2015 for the course ABC 123. Screenshot of Moodle course overview

Step 2: Find the Administration block on the left block section, and click on the item Import under Course administration.
Screenshot of course administration menu under the course page
Step 3: Select the course we want to import the data from, which for this example would be the same course under Term 1, 2013-2014. Click on Continue to proceed to next step.
If the list of course is too long you may also use the search function to narrow down the results. Screenshot of import interface showing list of other course to import from
Step 4: On the Initial settings page select which the type of content to be included for the import, then click Next
Screenshot of initial settings page of the import function
Step 5: On the Confirmation and review page, review and ensure all the setting are correct. Once everything is confirmed, click on Perform import
Screenshot of confirmation page of the import function
Step 6: A progress bar will be displayed showing the backup progress. This may takes a while depending on the size of your course data 
Screenshot of import in progress
Step 7: A message will be displayed upon completion of the import process. Click Continue to go back to the course view
Screenshot of import complete message
Step 8: The course materials are successfully migrated to the target course
Screenshot of moodle course with material imported