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Lingnan has subscribed for a three-year subscription to iThenticate software for detection of plagiarism for academics staff only.  Turnitin and iThenticate are both provided by Turnitin LLC, but they are designed for different categories of users. 

Turnitin is course management based in Moodle and requires instructors to set up classes and assignments.  

iThenticate is designed to be used by researchers to screen written work for originality.  This service allows researchers to easily upload and scan documents, manuscripts, research and other professional works into iThenticate.

You can login to iThenticate:

How to:

Request for iThenticate Account

Step 1: Submit the service request "iThenticate Account for Turnitin" via ITSC helpdesk or using the following direct link
Step 2: An confirmation email will be sent to you upon creation of your account. Click on the link to login with the one-time password.Screenshot of iThenticate account created email
Step 3: Click on I agree to these Terms and Submit to proceed.Screenshot of iThenticate agreement acceptance
Step 4: Change your account password and assign a security question accordingly.Screenshot of iThenticate setup screen
Step 5: You may now begin to use the iThenticate service.Screenshot of iThenticate home screen

Upload Document to iThenticate

Step 1: Log in to iThenticate with your credentials. Click on Upload a File on the right.Screenshot of iThenticate homepage
Step 2: Provide the document information, Click Upload to submit the document.Screenshot of file upload in iThenticate
Step 3: Submitted document will be listed under My Documents. This page will updates itself automatically, wait for a brief period of time for the report to generated.Screenshot of document submitted in iThenticate
Step 4: A report of the document scanned is ready when a percentage is shown under Report column. Click on the percentage to open up the report.Screenshot of document report generated
Step 5: The report contains the document's match overview with matched portion highlighted accordingly based on the different sources.Screenshot of iThenticate report